TEXAS EQUINE photographer

I am an equine photographer for the horse lovers of today. I am Esther, and I have devoted my life to combining my two passions, horses and photography. I will bring the best out in you and your horse because I understand the importance of a photograph and the long lasting impact they have. 

I, unlike many equestrians, did not have the privilege of growing up with horses. I have always loved and appreciated their beauty. Just ask my family, they could probably still find all of my old horse drawings from 1st grade.

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the equine photographer for you

West Texas based, but not bound.

I've never met a horse I didn't fall in love with. My only regret is not being able to have pictures of every single one of them. Every horse deserves to be documented. The ones with the gray hairs starting to show, the proud ones just figuring out their passion for the job, the ones who give us comfort, the ones who are hard to love, the winners, the ones who give their all, the ones who make us the equestrians we are today and everything in between. If you're lucky, you will have that one special horse in your life. You know the one. Equine photography is more than just another photoshoot. This is a testament to the horses that built us up. I want you to have these photos to look back on and remember how you felt when you thought about giving up on the sport but you didn't. You stayed for them, the love of horses. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself show ready and get in front of the camera with your horse. 

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"Love Esther, she’s amazing to work with!"