I am an equine photographer based in West Texas, for as long as I can remember, I have had a love for horses. I was not fortunate enough to grow up in the horse community but it has consumed me whole as an adult, so good luck trying to tear me away. As an equestrian, I understand the pride we have in our animals and the bond we share with them. I know the importance of having those emotions documented. These animals are proud and beautiful, and they do their very best to please, with the occasional off day. I have an older thoroughbred named Crew, he is my first horse I bought myself and is now happily retired. I immediately knew I wanted to have pictures of us together, to celebrate this milestone. My second horse, Zamira, is a retired Grand Prix jumper who still has a lot of miles left for this adult ammy. If this sounds like something you resonate with, it may be time to book your session!

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Hey everyone, I'm esther!

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Zamira "Z"

Say hello to my babies

Say hello to my babies

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quick facts

How long have you been riding? Since 2021

What discipline do you compete in? Jumpers

How many horses do you have? Two

Favorite color for horses? The bays have my heart.

What discipline do you wish you could try? Roping honestly, I know, way left field.

Favorite equestrian brand? Ariat according to volume, but Aztec Diamond is a close second.

Favorite color combo to ride in? Tan breeches and black long sleeved sun shirt

Favorite horse grooming spray? EQYSS has the best conditioner spray in a tropical scent that is to die for!

Every horse we encounter in life leaves us with an impression. They teach us lessons way more than we could teach them. Whether it be patience, perseverance, humility, compassion, or companionship. I get it. I still remember the first horse I encountered as a child, she taught me unconditional love. I don't have any pictures of her or with her and I wish I did. Don't let that be you. Take the picture, hold onto that moment because you don't know how long you'll have. You can not put a price on that.

I believe in documenting the unspoken bond between horse & Rider

my Philosophy